Photographer: Eric Lafforgue

Born in 1964, Eric Lafforgue lives in Toulouse, France. Ever since he was young, he has been fascinated by far away countries and traveling, and spent some time in Africa, unknowingly retracing Monfried and Joseph Kessel’s footsteps when he was 10 years old in Djibouti, Ethiopia and Yemen.

He started taking photographs in 2006. Quickly, magazines and newspapers from all over the world began using his work for illustrations on North Korea, Papua New Guinea, the tribes of Ethiopia, etc. In 2008, after only two years of shooting, he exhibited at the prestigious and exclusive VISA photojournalism festival. His work has appeared on multiple National Geographic covers as well as been displayed in The Economist, CNN Traveler and many other travel magazines worldwide.

Eric Lafforgue spends most of his time traveling the farthest-reaches of the globe to share his encounters. Through the perception of an ethnologist and the heart of an artist, he shares his view regions or populations in danger and less visited countries.
He is part of the European leading agency Rapho and works both digital and film using Hasselblad H4D-50, Canon 1Ds Mk III, 5D MK II, Leica M6.

These are must-see-in-person prints, as they are printed on light sensitive reflective paper, which give them a 3D quality. More about the paper & mounting/framing.

8″ x 8″ – $320. (square images only)
8″ x 12″ – $380.
16″ x 16″ – $520. (square images only)
16″ x 24″ – $580.
(also available in other sizes)

Select Previous Exhibitions

-Asmara, Nevers France
-Maison de la Chine Paris
-Intuitae Paris
-Visa festival in Perpignan 2008
-Photo Phnom Penh Festival 2009
-Galerie Touchefeu Paris 2010
-Central World Bangkok “Portraits of Asia” 2011
– Angola – La chataigneraie France
-Soho Loft Gallery – Africa New York 2011

-UNESCO Mondialogo – Building bridges between young people Paris
-Asmara Africa’s secret modernist city Berlin, Torino,London, Tel Aviv…
-Syria in Montmartre – Paris
-Biodiv at United Nations headquarters, New York
-Tervuren Museum Belgium “Fetish Modernity”



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